Kukulu is one of the bravest chickens to walk on the magical highlands of Ethiopia. With the help of “Ergeb & Qura,” some other birds she meets on her quest, Kukulu sets out on an adventurous journey while escaping peril at every corner.

Champion of the light and protector of the weak “Ergeb,” the mighty pigeon has vowed to guide Kukulu throughout the journey using her magical powers.

The great eagle “Neser,” is a force to be reckoned with. Her silver feathers have magical powers that can give the gift of flight.

Champion of the dark and ruler of the night “Qura,” the mighty crow has vowed to protect Kukulu from harm and guide her through all the darkness that is to come.

“Kebede” the farmer is a tough old bird himself. He won't sleep until he catches Kukulu and makes a nice chicken dinner out of her.

“Mechal,” the hungry dog is the farmer's faithful servant and will stop at nothing to please his master.